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Art Effects is an innovative curriculum designed to bring about change in your classroom. Through art viewing and art production, students learn new skills to improve their perception of self, others, and critical life events.

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ef·fect (əˈfekt)

verb: to cause (something) to happen; bring about

Course Modules


Learn how the visual arts can become a powerful resource for mental and physical well-being in your students.

Module 1: Our Faces

Use portraiture by contemporary artists to teach facial recognition skills and how to interpret facial expressions specific to 6 basic emotions.

Module 2: Our Bodies

Use gestures, socio-dramatic play and role-playing to examine body language and how to interpret non-verbal cues to aid in social interactions.

Module 3: Our Identity

Explore personal and cultural identity as a means to enhance your students’ self-esteem and self-identity, and build empathy and understanding in the classroom.

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